Santander Maura I

Apartment building. Facade restoration project is considered in isolation. Insulation in walls, terraces and balconies applies

We are starting the following scenario: When performing a work of complete rehabilitation of the facade, is considered the possibility of applying insulation to increase comfort inside the home in both winter and summer and decrease consumption of heating and cooling.

After tastings in all areas with possibility of isolation: facade, terrace and balconies, are compueba that there is no insulation. The dimensions of the gaps are variable, and to choose as the blowing technique which provides greater rendiemiento and less technical complexity. We proceed to blow cellulose always from the outside, without entering into any of the houses.

Placing proceed to isolation of cellulose fibers by blowing chambers Isofloc, terraces and balconies outer partitions of varying thickness, gap opening from the outside (40 mm in diameter and 1.50 to 2 m away).

Was used as cellulose fiber product with flame retardant Isofloc Euroclase B, permeable to water vapor, 100% organic. Thermal conductivity 0.038 W / (m * K) lambda value.

Client´s comments
Some of the worst rooms with refrigerators orientation were authentic impossible to heat, since it has made improving the rooms are perfectly livable. It has also noticed less heat in the summer in those rooms more hours of sun.
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