Ampuero I

Detached house situated in Ampuero. Housing three heights with the first two for housing and the third as attic. It has heating.

We are starting the following scenario: After realziar improvement works on the facade is continuous with cold rooms and areas with moisture due to condensation. Were also identified problems of rising damp in the rooms at ground level.

Following a previous study, we opted for a combined blowing wool and cork projected solution. After a tasting on the wall compueba that there is no insulation. There is a hollow chamber 8 cm between the outer facade and interior wall, proceed to breathe rockwool in that space. To break the capillarity we proceed to implement cork projected on the exterior facade.

We proceed to:

Swelling: Laying insulation Rockwool Rockwool 004 by blowing into outer chamber partition 0.08 m thick, gap opening from the outside (40 mm in diameter and 1.50 to 2 m away) and closing thereof .

Projected: Laying curb to limit project area, soil protection and posterior walls and fixer coating the entire surface to be treated. 1st coat fine projection to act as primer, 2nd hand cork projection 2mm. And 3rd topcoat.

We used the following products:

Rockwool: fireproof properties Euroclase A1, fireproof, non-hydrophilic or hygroscopic, water vapor permeable, chemically inert. Thermal conductivity 0.04 W / (m * K) value lambda (density 45kg / m3).

Natural cork: Waterproofing for roofs and facades thermal and acoustic insulation, sealant and adhesive corrector, anti-moisture wicking and anti-saltpeter. Fireproof Certification Class 1

Client´s comments
The rooms increased their average temperature and problems have disappeared moisture condensation.
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