Cazoña - Santander

Individual housing within a block located in the area of ​​the Avendia del Deporte. It is a single neighbor, located on the first floor. We find the following starting situation: It takes a long time for the house to reach comfortable temperatures despite having heating.

After carrying out a tasting from the outside, taking advantage of the facing brick joints, it can be seen that it has no insulation at all. There is a 7 cm hole in the chamber that we proceed to inflate with rock wool 001. For this, we have the necessary permits to use a portable scaffolding.

We proceed to place Rockwool 001 rockwool insulation by blowing it into the exterior façade chamber of 0.07 m, opening holes (between facing brick joints) and closing them. We have used rock wool: fireproof properties Euroclass A1, incombustible, neither hydrophilic nor hygroscopic, permeable to water vapour, chemically inert. Thermal conductivity 0.04 W/(m*K) lambda value (density 45kg/m3).

Client´s comments
After getting all the permits and setting the date, the work has been very good.
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