Ramales de la Victoria

Description: Single family home located in the area of ​​Ramales de la Victoria. This is a home in which added two rooms are enhanced, which due to its geographical location, orientation and lack of insulation the impossible become two holes to heat in winter and very hot in summer. They are also newly emerging problems of moisture due to condensation due to the strong contrast between the wall temperature lacking insulation and the interior temperature that offers heating.

We are starting the following situation: House with plaster ceilings under cover .Ventanas in good condition but with SHUTTERS that are considered impaired by time, causing the passage of air from the outside. There camera with a lightweight thermal insulation is clearly insufficient. In addition the ground is on an open shed and lacking insulation.

After a preliminary study of the ceiling, floor and walls, it is found that there is no insulation in the ceiling or floor, and walls is 1-2 cm., So a differentiated solution for each party intends. We proceed to breathe rockwool 001 in the hollow chamber about 8cm. Blowing Rock wool 20cm 004 on the ceiling. To access the gap between the roof and ceiling plaster, double hole about 30cm x 30cm allowing access technician, which from the stairs and through the hose access all the roof surface are made. The roof floor of the shed to be rough, by closing cracks for subsequent projection preparing cork. Insulation blinds pedestals is also performed by placing cork plate extruded on the top of the drawer.

1. proceed to placing rock wool insulation blown into chamber 001 through facade 0.08 m thickness, gap opening from midpoints of cloths (40 mm in diameter and 1.50 to 2 m distance) and closed thereof.

2. Ceiling insulation placement Rockwool Rockwool 004 by blowing in false ceiling thickness 0.2 m, gap opening 30cm x 30cm from the inside to allow the technician handling and proper distribution of material throughout the surface and subsequent placement and lucid cut stub.

3. Isolation of ground of the rooms through projection cork on the roof of the shed. Grouting of cracks and placement of curb to limit project area, soil protection and posterior walls and fixer coating the entire surface to be treated. 1st coat fine projection to act as primer, 2nd hand cork projection 2mm. And 3rd topcoat.

4. Perform templates cajoreas caps for cut in extruded polyurethane sheet of 5 cm. Stuck with extra strong adhesive and placement.

Products: rock wool is fire resistant properties Euroclase A1, fireproof, non-hydrophilic or hygroscopic, water vapor permeable, chemically inert. Thermal conductivity 0.04 W / (m * K) value lambda (density 70kg / m3). Cork is waterproofing for roofs and facades thermal and acoustic insulation, sealant and adhesive corrector, anti-moisture wicking and anti-saltpeter. Fireproof Certification Class 1

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