Camargo I

Single family home located in Camargo. Housing two heights with one reserved space and the second as housing. It has heating.

We are starting the following scenario: After realziar improvement works on the facade is continuous with cold rooms and areas with moisture due to condensation.

After a preliminary study on the wall tasting we are compueba that there is no insulation. A hollow chamber 10 cm between the outer facade and the inner wall. We decided to blow cellulose in that space.

Placing proceed to isolation of cellulose fibers by blowing in Isofloc outer chamber 0.10 m thick partitions, gap opening from inside and outside (40 mm in diameter and 1.50 to 2 m distance) and close thereof.

Product: fireproof properties Euroclase B, permeable to water vapor, 100% organic. Thermal conductivity 0.038 W / (m * K) lambda value (density 50kg / m3)

Client´s comments
The rooms are at a higher temperature and no condensation problems are observed.
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